Pyraminx Solve Analysis


Cube Expert: Hrithik Ramnath
Sale priceRs. 1,499.00
  • In-depth Analysis of each solve
  • Part-wise Improvement Plan
  • No Scheduling Required
  • Easier to look over again afterwards

Course Flow:
  • Receive Scramble sheet for Solves
  • Video Record the solves as per instructions
  • Share the video with our cubeXprt
  • Receive Analysis & Improvement Plan within 7 days

World Class Trainers

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Solve Analysis Course (Pyraminx)

Improve on your solve times by getting your solves analysed by the best speedcubers. These world-class speedcubers have tried, tested, and learned these skills over years and this is your best chance to learn from them directly. Our CubeXprt will analyse the solves from video for an average of 5 (Ao5) and provide a complete analysis of the solves and also suggest a 3 step improvement plan for the client within7 working days.

You can also avail a Rs.500 discount if you come back again within 60 days of opting for this course.

CubeXperts for this course

Course Details

Who all can opt-in for this course?

  • Any person knowing how to solve a Pyraminx can opt-in for this course. The consultation will help you progress faster and easier in this journey of speedcubing.

What will the documents contain?

  • The first document will contain a detailed analysis of all 5 solves, in terms of solutions, finger tricks, alg choice, and a lot more, as well as advice on improvements.
  • The second document will contain a comprehensive three-part improvement plan, outlining the client's three biggest weaknesses, as well as advice and practice drills on how to work on them, along with links to relevant resources.

What do you need to submit for the solve analysis?

  • You will be provided a sheet with scrambles. 
  • You will have to solve and record the video for an average of 5 solves (Ao5)
  • Suitable angle to record the solves is explained in these videos

    What if you have doubts in the documents provided?

    • Upon successful payment for the course, you shall receive the contact details of the tutor chosen for the course. Once the analysis and improvement plan is shared by the tutor, you can contact them directly in case of any doubts or explanation (as per requirement).

    Please note: The amount paid for this course will be NON-REFUNDABLE.


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