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Cubelelo Gans Air Elite
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Cubelelo Gans Air Elite

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Cubelelo Gans Air Elite

Cubelelo Elite Cubes are custom-built cubes by our team of cube experts. Each cube is carefully lubricated, stickered and tuned according to customer preference to deliver optimum speedcubing performance. Use of special break-in tool ensures that the lube blends in perfectly and the cube is ready to use out of the box.

Cubelelo Gans Air is light and maneuverable, and is our special Elite edition of the new Gans 356 Air.We have made sure that the cube remains smooth and sturdy by optimising the amount and viscosities of lubricants used on the hardware so that the Air doesnt become too heavy. The end result- a smoother yet light and very stable Elite experience!

Please note that the Cubelelo Gans Air Elite will not include the bag of S6, S7, and S9 GES components that come with the Gans 356 Air (Master). Our experiments have found that the original S8 springs works best for our particular setup. Excluding the extra springs also helps us keep the price as low as possible. Please note that this cube may arrive slightly gummy right out of the box.

Original Cube Manufacturer : Gans

The puzzle can be lubed and stickered according to your instructions, which can be specified on the Special Instructions comment box provided above the Add to Cart button.
If no instructions are provided, we will set up the cube as per our standard tuning procedure and sticker it with Cubelelo Full-Bright Stickers.

It will feature a Cubelelo Elite logo on white center piece.

We will get in touch with you incase we have any questions about your instructions.

Please Note : Elite Cubes are only prepared on-demand, so it takes additional time to prepare. Please allow up to 4-6 business days for preparation. If you have other items that you need to arrive faster, please either order it separately, or request it to be sent separately in the order comments.

Base Plastic Colour Black
Puzzle Type Stickered

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