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Cubelelo Thunderclap v1 (Magnetic) Elite-M
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Cubelelo Thunderclap v1 (Magnetic) Elite-M

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Cubelelo Thunderclap v1 (Magnetic) Elite-M


Cubelelo Thunderclap v1 (Magnetic) Elite-M is is a stable and light cube.This is Cubelelos budget magnetic cube offering in the intermediate cubing performance level.We have introduced forty-eight premium quality neodymium magnets of suitable strength at various strategic locations in the cube, arranged in a way to ensure precise symmetric pattern while rotation.Experience the clicky feel enhanced by smooth turning and excellent control imparted by magnetic forces in action.A tactile feedback regardless of piece orientation is achieved due to the magnetic attraction between the pieces resulting in increased efficiency while minimising undesirable lockups.

The performance of cube is further enhanced by a combination of Special Elite lube on the core and Cubelelo Premium lube on the pieces thereby optimising speed and stability to deliver improved speed cubing performance. Cubelelo Thunderclap v1 (Magnetic) Elite-M cube is perfect budget magnetic cube for speed cubers.

High quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle..

Please note that this cube may arrive slightly gummy right out of the box.

Original Cube Manufacturer : QiYi

The puzzle can be lubed and stickered according to your instructions (if feasilble), which can be specified on the Special Instructions comment box provided above the Add to Cart button.

If no instructions are provided, we will set up the cube as per our standard tuning procedure.

It will feature a Cubelelo Elite-M logo on white center piece and 4 extra magnets.

We will get in touch with you incase we have any questions about your instructions.

Please Note : Elite-M Cubes are only prepared on-demand, so it takes additional time to prepare. Please allow up to 6-8 business days for preparation. If you have other items that you need to arrive faster, please either order it separately, or request it to be sent separately in the order comments.

Puzzle Type 3x3

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