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breaking sub 10 barrier

Factors Involved in Breaking the Sub-10 Barrier

There are many common barriers in speedcubing that most cubers struggle to overcome: Sub-30, sub-20, sub 15, sub-10. The faster you get, the harder...
2x2 cube advanced one look

2x2 Cube Solving Advanced Method - One Look

Solving a 2x2, though might look easier, if one needs to be fast in it, definitely requires some level of knowledge on how to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s c...
how to solve 6x6 cube fast

Different Skill Levels Of 6x6 Cube | Best Ways To Improve Them

Hey guys!  My name is Sheldon. I’m a speedcuber originally from Mumbai and I am specialized in solving big cubes. I’ve been competing in official W...