Cubelelo Speedcubing Unlocked event is an online Cubing competition,
which aims to make you compete in confines of your homes.

  • The competition will be conducted on Sunday, 7th November 2021 involving different SpeedCubing events. It is open to all WCA & CL (Non-WCA) participants.
  • After registration, non-WCA participants (i.e. those who have never participated in the WCA competition) will get their personal speedcubing unlocked ID "CUBELELO ID" (CL ID) via mail within 24 hrs or you can also visit in CL Registration tab to see your CL ID.
  • Those who already has CL ID, they have to participate using the same CL ID.
  • The event is however unofficial and in no way is affiliated with the WCA.It’s just for fun, practice and to beat the lockdown woes!
  • Events :  Square-1, Skewb, Pyraminx, 4x4x4, 3x3x3 OH, 3x3x3 
  • Participants making it to the top 15 of different events need to submit video proof of their solves.
  • Live Battle for Top 8 contestants (Live@YouTube) of 3x3 event will be conducted on Saturday, 13th November 2021 sharp at 3 PM.
  • Epic Live Finale between the 3x3 finalists will be conducted on Saturday 11th September 2021 @3pm on our YouTube Channel. Stay tuned with us for all the updates.
  • Participants are required to solve and upload the results through an online mechanism and hence can compete within the confines of their home.
  • Certificate of participation to all the participants & Certificate of Merit to all the Podium winners. 
  • INR 1000 Gift Card to the Battle Winners.



EventTime (IST)
3x3x3 OH16:00
3x3x3 Battle
13th November 15:00