Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup 2022


5th-12th March, 2022


Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup is a global knockout competition designed to challenge the most accomplished Cube-solvers in different game modes and events.

  • Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup 2021 will be conducted with online qualifier in four game modes: Speedcubing Mixed, Speedcubing Female, Fastest hand, and Re-Scramble. 
  • The top 8 participants from each game mode will qualify for the national finals. Winners of the national finals will participate at the world finals in the game mode they won. 
  • Speedcubing will have a mixed and a female 1vs1 game mode. Female athletes may compete in both tracks. 
  • Athletes can qualify for multiple game modes. After an athlete has qualified for a Game Mode, he/she can no longer compete at other qualifiers for that game mode. 
  • Each winner of a game mode will be contacted and confirmed by the local organization team as soon as the last battle of its 1vs1 round is finished. 
  • The online qualifiers for all game modes will be held on 2nd May. 
  • The national finals for all game modes will be held on 16th May. 
  • National final winners who qualify to the world final will be required to travel to the nearest Red Bull office to participate in the world finals. If most of the participants are from one city in India, a venue will be arranged for the players to participate in the world finals in the respective city. 
  • The official rules and terms of participation for the world finals will be released on the official website 


EventTime (IST)
Fastest Hand17:30