Cubelelo Can Magic Beads

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Color: Light Blue
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Cubelelo Can Magic Beads 

How to play:

1. Randomly rotate the small ball in the can top to disrupt it.

2. Move the middle horizontal axis, you can replace the required beads in different O-shaped grooves, and test your space thinking ability!

3. Through memory and space imagination, the beads in the 4 grooves can be matched at the fastest speed.

3 in 1 game this toy can be used as a spinning top, magic beans and magic ball cube. Three-dimensional multi-space linkage, multi-axis torus and multi-space linkage brain burning series. Classic can shape, suitable as small desktop ornaments, relaxing spirit for office.

Can improve space imagination, improve hands-on, thinking and observation ability, have a clearer perception of color, enrich the overall planning ability and logic.
Ability training: this fidget sensory toy can exercise finger flexibility and effectively train people's hand-eye coordination, concentration, patience, and problem-solving skills, which is suitable for teens to expand their social circle, and also suitable for adults to release stress

Decompression effect: this stress reliever toy has a flexible way of playing; Each slot bean can be restored to the same color, or beans of two colors cross each other, two beans cross each other, and so on; Whether adults or teens are under stress from work and study, rotating ball toys are very suitable for relaxation

Easy to carry: this spinner rotating toy is suitable for most people, which can be played by teens and adults; This relaxing toy is compact and easy to carry in your pocket at any time.

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