Cubelelo Elite-M Clock v2 (Magnetic)

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Cubelelo Elite-M Clock v2 (Magnetic)

Cubelelo Elite-M Clock is an original modification of the most unusual WCA-puzzle from our store. It is based on LinGao Clock, a long time leader in the market. In order to eliminate the shortcomings of this model, in this version, specialists manually install special magnets, which helps in preventing pins from locking or falling. We have also replaced the old look and feel of the LinGao clock with attractive sticker designs. 

Product Highlights

  1. Magnetized Clock - We have added 8 ring magnets of selective strength on the clock. The ring magnets aid in the clicky movement of the pins, thereby increasing the solving speed and overall efficiency of the clock.

  2. Modification of Clock Pins -  We have removed the internal pins of the clock pole thereby minimizing the extra friction caused by the internal pins. We have also added magnets on both sides of the pole so that it can perform fast as well as remain stable at the same time and thereby preventing the pins from falling down.

  3. Modification of Corner Gears - We have beveled the structure of corner gears so that the friction is reduced and there are no lockups during gear rotation.

  4. Modification of Clock Springs - We have changed the structure of spring to avoid lockups. We have also lubed it to enhance the overall performance. Lubing minimizes the spring noise and prevents unwanted movement of the clock dial.


The plastic surface might come with some light scratches, but that will not really affect the performance. The disc/ring magnets can come off if the clock is not handled properly. We advise you to use a mat for solving and avoid falling the clock on a hard surface. If you happen to dislodge the magnets, you can use the servicing kit which includes a superglue and extra magnets.

PLEASE NOTE : Check the polarity of the magnets before fixing them, for more help contact us at or 8080-573-573

Customer Reviews

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the best clock exists on earth

i love the cube it has clicky feel .its controllable dont by any other clock buy this only this is the best clock ever it is better than qiyi clock so please buy this only dont waste money on the other clock

Bhavya Kumar
Cube broke down while filming unboxing itself.

Whiel filming my unboxing for the cube, one of the washer/ring magnets fell off and when I tried to put it back, it stuck with the pin. I had to completely reassemble the cube from scratch to be able to use it.


Cubelelo Elite-M Clock (Magnetic)

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