Cubelelo HuangLong 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

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Color: Stickered
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Cubelelo HuangLong 3x3 Elite-M (magnetic)

Cubelelo HuangLong 3x3 (Magnetic) Elite-M is one of the latest Elite M products. We have introduced forty-eight neodymium magnets of suitable strength at various strategic locations in the cube, arranged in a way to ensure precise symmetric pattern while rotation. A tactile and very stable feel with a clean, clicky feedback regardless of piece orientation is achieved due to this magnetization effect. The magnetic attraction between the pieces results in increased efficiency while minimizing overshooting and undesirable lockups. This perfect cube for one-handed solves has been made super stable with our elite services.

High-quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for the optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle.

Performance is further enhanced by a combination of Special Elite lube on the core and Cubelelo Premium lube on the pieces thereby optimizing speed and stability to deliver improved speedcubing performance. With a compact size, split-piece design and increased stability this cube is the perfect choice for fast and controllable cube lovers.

Customer Reviews

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extremely smooth

I will like to break down this review into 3 Parts OUT OF THE BOX: Out of the box thus cube felt a little bit sluggish but it was extremely smooth. The cube had lots of live it it and the cube became faster after few solves. AFTER 1 DAY: This cube was becoming faster solve by solve. I was getting sub 15 Ao5. I would definitely recommend this vine to both beginners and pros. MAINTENANCE: This cube does not need that much maintenance but I would easily advise adding on some weight 3 or 4 since this cube would probably need it. Lubing once a month will do. To sum it up, this cube is I've of the best on the market and if you are thinking of the Gan RM, just throw all those thoughts out of your mind. I bought this cube in stickerless and the shades are really good and give a good contrast. Overall, you won't go wrong if you but this cube. I am impressed.

The QueBee
so amazing

This cube is so amazing. It has a really smooth and fast, yet controllable feel. With magnets it is the best cube I've ever tried. Corner cutting is decent. And I get very relaxed when I turn it thanks to its weight. It's really light

Sukesh Kumar

I ordered a stickerless version of Huanglong elite M . And out of the the box it was so amazing. The magnets are string enough to control the speed while the build has a nice plastic feel. I prefer smaller size cubes and I found Huanglong to be best buy. Very good for OH as well.

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