Cubelelo ShengShou Elite Magnetic Clock


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QiYi Magnetic Clock
QiYi Magnetic Clock
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Cubelelo ShengShou Elite Magnetic Clock

Cubelelo brings you its new Elite-M customization of ShengShou Clock. Solving regular shengShou clock you face a lot of jamming, thus Elite-M for smooth rotations. The modifications we have done in this clock are as follows-

  1. Improved Corner Gear Structure- We have Beveled the structure of Corner Gear So that the friction comes while rotation of corner gear should be negligible.
  1. Spring Modification- The jamming issue and noise of spring have removed by modifying the spring structure.
  1. Lubed Precisely in inner motion places- we have lubed the Inner pieces of the clock with Cubelelo breeze, a high viscosity lube to avoid all possible frictions which make the clock slow.


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