Cubelelo Valk 3 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

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Color: Stickerless
Sale priceRs. 1,999.00
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Cubelelo Valk 3 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

Cubelelo Valk 3 Elite M is a fast, light cube, and is Cubelelos Magnetic version of QiYis iconic Valk 3, endorsed by former World Record holder Mats Valk (4.74s single solve). By introducing forty-eight neodymium magnets of suitable strength at various strategic locations in the cube, arranged in a way to ensure precise symmetric pattern while rotation, tactile feedback regardless of piece orientation is achieved. The magnetic attraction between the pieces results in increased efficiency while minimizing overshooting and undesirable lockups.

The Cubelelo Valk 3 Elite M is lubed with Special Elite Lube in the core to produce a more controllable experience while giving a crisp feel and a speed boost is given by the fastest Cubelelo Premium Lube. Thus producing an optimized speed-cube keeping in mind the needs of many speedcubers.

High-quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for the optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle.


Brand Name





ABS Plastic

Dimensions (in mm)


55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5

Product Weight (in grams)


Stickerless - 89

Package Weight (in grams)


Stickerless - 181

Color Scheme


Stickerless-Half Bright Shades

Package Contents


1 Unit Cube and 1 Manual




Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
it wasn't wort the proce

I mean it was ok. But i dont think it is actually worth so much money. I used to have a gan 356 x which broke and that cube was non magnetic. Dispite both the cubes being the same price and the game 356 x being non magnetic i majorly preffered the gan. I excpected the valk to be much better. It should have magnetcs, the speed is not that great. When i opened it from the box it was good nbut 2 days later it became so badd. dot buy this cube unless you are rich, because it is abit of a waste of money. even though i said these "mean" things its true. iam sorry to valk and elite m for saying this but as mentioned plese reduce the price if you are selling it. Now that I disliked this good i stopped cubing and dont have an interest anymore sadly. I respect that you'll made a group and respect Mr. Mats Valk. But please work on the feedback I have given.
Thank you have a good day. Cheers.

-Yuvraj sawant

Sobhan Bera

Cubelelo Valk 3 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)


Out of the box, it's slow and scratchy, Doesn't feel properly lubed and the magnets barely make a difference. Overall, not worth the price

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