Cubelelo YueXiao 3x3 Elite

CubeleloSKU: 1030167E_MF-1

Color: Stickerless
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Cubelelo YueXiao 3x3 Elite

Cubelelo Elite Cubes are custom-built cubes by our team of cube experts. Each cube is carefully lubricated, stickered and tuned according to customer preference to deliver optimum speedcubing performance. The use of a special break-in tool ensures that the lube blends in perfectly and the cube is ready to use out of the box.

Cubelelo YueXiao Elite boasts of being stable, smooth and fast. We have optimized the smoothness by coating the pieces with a perfect combination of heavy and light lube, resulting in a controllable and tactile cubing experience. With the Cubelelo YueXiao we have enhanced the stability while maintaining high corner-cutting ranges, so go for it and enjoy the Elite experience.

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