DaYan Guhong v3 M 3x3 (Magnetic)

DaYanSKU: 1030384

Color: Stickerless
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DaYan Guhong v3 M 3x3 Magnetic

DaYan Guhong v3 is a three-step speed cube with screw "light" option. The cube is compact, light & magnetic at the same time. The weight of 68 gm allows the cuber to feel lighter to hold & is less prone to fatigue after prolonged practice. Its a new option for one-handed remote screwdriver & small R-inch fans. The size of 54 mm provides a compact grip & more flexible control. 48 pieces of magnets are placed stably, allowing cuber to restore power every time. Also, it's quieter during high-speed rotation due to the water-wave orbit design. Every corner has been carefully polished to create a high level of fault tolerance. Every turn of the cube is brisker.

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