DaYan Wheel of Wisdom

DaYanSKU: 1630066

Color: Stickerless
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DaYan Wheel of Wisdom Cube

The DaYan Wheel of Wisdom is a well-designed and rare found cube, every cuber deserves one. The appearance and the function of "Wheels of Wisdom" were designed by Mr. Bo Hu, and the form and inner structure were designed by DaQing Baowho is the founder of DaYan brand. This cube has 8*3+6=30 faces with 6-Axis, there are 8 rotate nodes in the outer layer that it can rotate a multiple of 45 degrees and only 4 rotate nodes in the inner layer that it can only rotate a multiple of 90 degrees on this layer. Because of its compact and exquisite design, this DaYan Wheels of Wisdom cube is also called Luxuriant Cube. The biggest difference between the DaYan Wheels of Wisdom and the SMAZ Time Machine is their Segmentation. Get one today!

Disclaimer: The cube needs to be aligned properly to rotate in the multiple allowed axis. It comes a bit rough out of the box and may need lubrication.

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