DaYan ZhanChi PRO M 3x3 (Magnetic)

DaYan ZhanChi PRO M 3x3 (Magnetic)

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Color: Stickered
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A new take on an old favorite, meet the brand new Zhanchi Pro M 3x3 from Dayan! The DaYan ZhanChi is the fifth cube of the DaYan series and is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the market. 

Aside from mechanism updates to improve turning and stability, the ZhanChi Pro is highly customizable as it borrows the magnet, tension, and elasticity system from the TengYun V2 which is great to see! Here are the top features.

  • Fast with lightweight design
  • Tunable magnets on a Rotatable Magnetic Insert (Weak, Moderate, Strong)
  • Adjustable tension and elasticity systems
  • Wavy-pattern tracks on corner pieces
  • Rounded corners for improve corner cut performance
  • Seamless corner and edge piece design to reduce friction 

DaYan ZhanChi PRO M 3x3 (Magnetic)

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