GAN 356 X v2 3x3 (Magnetic)

GANSKU: 1030406

Color: Stickerless
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GAN 356 X v2 3x3 Magnetic

GAN 356 X v2 3x3 Magnetic is the latest cube in the 3X3 segment introduced by GAN. This consists of 36 magnet Capsules, 12 in one set, 3 sets together. To position pieces more accurately, magnets are inlaid into each piece of the speedcube, the magnetic force drives the pieces to their correct positions and results in smoother turning. You can replace the magnet capsules to change magnet forces of the cube. If that wasn't amazing enough, the performance of the GAN 356 X v2 3x3 Magnetic is a heavy hitter due to its buttery smooth turning, stability and insane corner cutting ability.

This is a must-try cube!!


Brand Name





ABS Plastic

Dimensions (in mm)


57 x  57 x 57

Product Weight (in grams)



Package Weight (in grams)



Color Scheme


 Full Bright Shades

Package Contents


1 Unit Cube, 1 Tensioning Tool, Magnet Set and GAN Card and 1 Manual




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