Lubix MoYu LingPo 2x2

LubixSKU: 1470039

Color: White
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MoYu RS2M 2x2 Magnetic
MoYu RS2M 2x2 Magnetic
₹ 729.00


Lubix MoYu LingPo 2x2 

The MoYu LingPo is the same manufacturer as the HuanYing and WeiLong. This 2x2 cube has an anti-popping design, with a standard MoYu core, around an internal ball design. This is a very stable cube and does not pop. The colors on the stickers are more fluorescent than Dayan stickers and are easy to see. It is a 50mm 2x2 cube, that is a really good size for speedsolving. Not too big, not too small. It moves very smoothly and cuts corners as you expect.

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