GAN Monster Go 3x3 Magnetic Training Series

GANSKU: 1030407

Style: UT
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GAN Monster Go 3x3 Magnetic Training Series

GAN MONSTER GO is a new and exciting brand of GAN Cube. The Monster Go 3x3 trainer cube includes Monster Go UT 3x3, Monster Go Rainbow 3x3, and Monster Go Cloud 3x3. This is designed to help aspiring cubers easily learn how to solve the cube!

The Monster Go includes the GES systems (pre-installed) which can be adjusted by hand to tighten or loosen the puzzle. The addition of medium-strength magnets assists with overall stability and control. The honeycomb design creates a more seamless turning feel. This puzzle features a smooth, soft GAN feel that is characteristic of their cube.

The overall performance of this cube flows extremely well and has been allowing cubers to achieve new personal best times with ease!

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