MoYu RS3M 2020 3x3 (Magnetic)

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MoYu RS3M 2020 3x3 Magnetic

MoYu RS3M 3x3 Magnetic is an economy-friendly puzzle with a robust mechanism that is great for all levels of solvers. The new MFJS RS3M has more rounded corners, improved corner-cutting, a new color scheme, a dual adjustment system that allows the spring elasticity to be adjusted, and holes for magnets that include 48 magnets perfectly aligned!


Brand : MoYu
Material : ABS Plastic
Dimensions (in mm) : 56x56x56
Product Weight : 85 grams
Package Weight : 123 grams
Package Contents : 1 Unit Cube, Manual, Screwdriver, MoYu Stand Dual-adjustment Tool, and Spare Elasticity Piece   


  • Is this cube Magnetic ?

    Yes, the cube comes with 48 magnets

  • How can i order 2 sets of 25 ndm magnets????

    You cannot add 2 Qty of add-on magnets. Instead, you can purchase the set of 50.

  • Can use this cube properly without lube service?

    Yes, you can use it without lube service also as it comes pre-lubed by the manufacturer.

  • Is this cube good for cube competitions?

    Yes, it is a speed cube and you can really get faster on this. It is very good for competitions and is recommended by many professional cubers.

  • Will i get Lube in this box ?

    No, you will not get lube in the box contents. But you can add on Cube lubricants to get one with the cube.

  • How much ml lube will be present in the add cube lubricants?

    There will be a 5ml lubricant syringe provided if you add-on cube lubricant.

  • If I add on 25 NDM magnets but not the lube service in the order, will the magnet come pre install or extra in the packet?

    If you buy add-on magnets without lube service, the magnets will be given separately.

  • Does it have spring compression system?

    Yes, it does have the spring compression system.

  • Is it necessary to install extra magnets?

    It is recommended to install extra magnets as the factory-installed magnets are somewhat weaker.

  • How good is the reverse corner cutting of this cube?

    The reverse corner cutting is also considerably good along with the corner cutting.

  • Will the serviced lube messed up while adding extra magnets?

    The lube will be added to the pieces and the magnets will be added inside the pieces. So, if you can adjust the tension well without compromising the added lube you can surely go ahead with adding magnets yourself or we suggest you take the add-on magnets along with lube service. That way our team will add the magnets and then do the lube service.

  • Will the lube service would be added or we have to lube the cube if we opt for lube service ?

    If you take the lube service, our team will lube the cube, tension, and set it up for increased speed and performance.

  • Can you please tell me what type of add on magnets are. Like what mm is it?

    The add-on magnets are N35 4x1 mm magnets of medium magnetic strength.

  • How long would the lube work?

    It completely depends on the number of solves you do.

  • Does it have good corner cutting? How fast is this cube?

    Yes, It will give you a decent 40-45 degrees corner cut good for speedcubing.

  • Will the stickers be provided?

    No there will not be an extra sticker set with the cube.

  • Will you install the extra magnets?

    If you opt-in for Lube service and the extra magnets, we will be adding the extra magnets to the cube while lubing it. But in the other case, you will get the extra magnets separately.

  • Does it come with stand?

    Yes, it comes along with a stand.

  • Is it sticker less

    We have both stickerless and black (Stickered) available for this product. While placing the order, you can choose one accordingly.

  • Is this cube good even without lube?

    Yes, the cube rotates smooth without lubing also but after using it for a considerable time, the cube will feel scratchy and may require lubing.

  • Does this cube has a very high magnetic strength?

    The cube comes with medium strength magnets installed by the manufacturer.

  • Why should you install extra magnets?

    Adding extra magnets will result into more stronger magnet feel and the cube will become more stable. You can order the extra magnets and can istall them later if you feel like. They dont even need to be glued, they will install themselves with the existing magnets when bought closer.

  • How to install the extra magnets?

    In case you purchase the extra magnets. You need to add 2 magnets to each of the 12 edge pieces. The magnets will stick on their own to the existing magnets (no glue required). However, if you opt for the Lube service and add extra magnets, then our experts will install the magnets.

  • Best Lube for this cube?

    You can use heavy lube like Calm/Nucleus for the core and Hurricane/Velocity for lubricating pieces

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Customer Reviews

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Rudra Bhardwaj

MoYu RS3M 2020 3x3 (Magnetic)

siddhanth Iyer

really great product, an inexpensive cube that can compete with the flagship ones

Good Cube

Good cube, It works just like the way it should, does the job well. Very smooth, infact the cube surface is so smooth that there is a possibility it could slip out of your hands, so handle with care.

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