MsCUBE Ms3L 3x3 (Magnetic)

MsCUBESKU: 1030466

Options: Enhanced
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MsCUBE Ms3L 3x3 Magnetic

MsCUBE has released a brand new 3x3 to the market with an all new design to achieve great performance at a great price. This puzzle has loads of customization options which allow the user to achieve a very tailored solving experience to suit your style. The standard variant features a traditional magnet system, a spider web pattern on the contact surfaces to aid with lubricant distribution, swappable center/core pieces to adjust tension, and a compression adjustment under each center cap. This version has primary plastic internals.

The enhanced version has a brand new magnetic layout that has magnets in the feet of the corners and edges. This version also has transparent blue internals.

The MsCube MS3L 3x3 (Enhanced) features-

  • 96 magnets compared to standard 48
  • New edge/corner magnet positioning system
  • Spiderweb piece design

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