Peak Cube S3R 3x3 Magnetic

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Color: Stickerless
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Introducing the S3R 3x3 from PeakCube, a brand new cube manufacturer with their first release now available. Out of the box, this cube excels in performance and has customization options that no other 3x3 on the market has.  

The main feature being those customizable piece panels which allow a different turning feeling depending on what surface you pick. Only a single tool is needed to bend the groove and remove the contact surface. New contact surfaces can be installed easily which gives a completely different hand feel.

Peak Cube introduces innovative “Drilling Crystal Contact Surface” design to lock the lubricant in the grooves bringing a comfortable and stable feeling. It's hard to put it down once you start cubing.

In addition to the new innovative system with replaceable panels, the Peak Cube S3R 3×3 also has a new elasticity system where you have four springs instead of one. These springs do not rotate against any screw head, which means that you avoid any metallic noise from the springs. 

The cube is fast, stable and cuts corners well. The surface of the cube is glossy and the colors are slightly darker than what is usually standard on speedcubes today. The culmination of the features results in a truly novel speed cube that is customizable in ways we previously didn't imagine.

Overview & key features

  • Buttery smooth turning feel
  • 3 tension adjustments
  • 2 spring adjustments (no displacement or noise)
  • 2 contact surface options
  • Combination of PC [polycarbonate (hard & wear resistant)] and ABS materials

What you unbox? 

  • Peak Cube S3R 3x3
  • Peak Cube card
  • Replacement springs
  • Tensions nuts
  • Replacement texture panels
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Cube bag

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