Private Session with CubeXprt - Hrithik Ramnath


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  • Pyraminx (L4E Expert)
  • Algorithms
  • Fingertricks

Course Language:
  • English

Course Details:
  • 60 minutes online 1-on-1 session
  • No prerequisites for this course
  • Schedule as per your convenience
  • Over Zoom or Google Meet

World Class Trainers

Learn Cubing at ease


Private Session with Pyraminx CubeXprt (60 mins)

This is the best way to connect with the best speedcubers and learn from them directly.
Book the sessions as per your convenience and CubeXprt's availability. There are no pre-requisites for this course and you can learn anything you wish to.

You can also avail of a discount of INR 500 if you come back again within 60 days of opting for this course.

About Hrithik Ramnath

WCA ID : 2018RAMN01

Hrithik Ramnath is an Indian Speed Cuber who specializes in Pyraminx solving. He has 3 years of cubing experience and has won 1 Gold medal, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals officially. 

Hrithik is ranked 14th in India and 89th in Asia. He is a 4-time CSUL winner and has won many medals in various online events. He has a consistent SUB-3 average in pyraminx along with multiple SUB-2 singles. He has an official single of 2.43 and an official average of 3.22.

Apart from Cubing, he has a great interest in Cricket, Chess, Guitar, and Gaming and has also won many awards in them.


His main cubes:

  • Pyraminx- Gan Pyraminx


What you can learn:

  • Good Grip and Finger Tricks
  • Tips and Tricks to improve times by a few seconds
  • Utilizing inspection sufficiently 
Committed to practice, you will be able to solve as fast as Hrithik!

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