QiYi Three Kingdoms Magnetic Klotski

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QiYi Three Kingdoms Magnetic Klotski

The Three Kingdoms Magnetic Klotski features high precision mold and quality and also gives the texture of wood. This new Klotski feature "Thermal Transfer Technique" on the characters that provide more bright color and the clearly visible third dimension. The technique has improved the corner-cutting and gives smooth feeling while solving the cube. In this magnetic Klotski pieces can be attached to the board, which can optimize the traditional way of solving the Klotski. To reduce the turns per second (TPS), reduce abrasion, and to extend the service life you can apply the M-lube on the board.

The QiYi Klotski is made by 1 board and 10 pieces namely Caocao, Zhanfei, Machao, Huangzhong, Zhaoyun, Guanyu, and 4 soldiers.

The main four advantages of magnetic Klotski are:

  1. The pieces do not drop easily.
  2. Controllable.
  3. Precise positioning.
  4. Reduce Solving Time

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