QiYi Thunderclap v3 3x3

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Color: Stickered
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QiYi Thunderclap v3 3x3

Thunderclap v3 is a budget-friendly puzzle that features a host of new upgrades including all primary plastic internals, a capped design to avoid seams, an updated anti-pop mechanism, tracks on the pieces to reduce friction, and slots to assure correct magnet positioning. The edge pieces of Thunderclap v3 has been upgraded to uni-body contact surfaces, to ensure a smooth line. It has an uni-body foot design to make sure, to avoid bumpy feeling caused by miss assembly.

Customer Reviews

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Satvik Singhal
Great Performance for Great Price

This cube is really great out of the box, I have bought both the versions of this cube (Magnetic and Non-Magnetic) and they both turn out to be exceptionally good...
Highly recommended for new cubers who just want a good cube for a good price...!👍

Rupesh devata
Hey guys!

Hey! This is actually a good cube. And I suggest that you buy a lubricant with it.

Bhargav Narasimhan
Feels So Fast

The new thunderclap v3 from qiyi is one of the most underrated cubes in the market currently after Tengyun
Comes in shades similar to The Valk series and feels slightly heavier
It feels so fast, you immediately might see an increase in tps. For someone who had tried the initial batches, this was such a surprise
It has a very bumpy feel similar to that of old Huanlong (not the Huanglong!) but much much faster. It has also trained the smoothness of a thunderclap v1 to an extent
The spring noise is kind of annoying, but goes away with a bit of core lube. Considering the new age elastic spring system and the fact that I'm comparing it with the "pro" cubes, I guess we could call it a minus point
Been using it as my main ever since I tried it for the first time
Overall a definite 9/10 even if you are not good at setting up

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