QiYi X-Man Galaxy Megaminx v2 LM Sculpture Magnetic

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Color: Stickerless
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QiYi X-Man Galaxy MegaMinx v2 LM Sculpture Magnetic

The QiYi X-Man Galaxy Megaminx v2 LM is an updated version of the X-Man Galaxy Megaminx v2 with a slight increase in size. The puzzle features improvements in its internal and external design. It has enhanced corner-cutting and controllability.

Customer Reviews

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Out of the box its a bit tight.After tensioning and solving it 30-40 times and lubricating it. It became very good. it is a compact and slightly small and perfect.it is very stable.there are nil lockups.
magnetic strength is a bit high. i have tried other megaminx as well except gan megaminx but its double the price. i got my PB on it that is 58 seconds.Only get this if you are serious about megaminx.

srinivas sai krishna
good cube

this is way better than the galaxy v2m. It's slight bigger size makes quite e bit of a difference. The most important thing about this puzzle is that it is way faster than the v2m. It helped me improve my times a lot. Great product.after buying this I came to a conclusion that magnets make a huge difference.but is is large for cubing with small hands.

vaishnav nitesh
good cube

It's a really good cube for me. It's smaller than version .i have improved my f2l and s2l from this since my hands are big when in last layer I got free lookups.and after buying this I came to a conclusion that magnets make a huge difference

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