QiYi X-Man Galaxy Megaminx v2 M Sculpture Magnetic

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Controllable And Fast

The Galaxy V2M is my first and only Megaminx. With this puzzle I have progressed from averaging 3-4 minutes to now averaging 1:25 minutes, the equivalent of being 60th in India.
Out of the box it was very controllable, it seemed a bit small but that was simply because I was not used to it. Now I feel like my hands would seem unnatural on a larger megaminx. And what people say about smaller megaminxes reducing hand ache and tiredness is true. I can bust large sessions and still want to cube more.
I would recommend a fast setup as the cube is naturally controllable, smooth and a little blocky. Tensions are very important on this cube, do not make them really tight nor too loose, despite all that I think this is still a relatively easy cube to setup. :)
I would recommend it to anyone looking for one, perfect megaminx. But I have also heard that the Gan Megaminx is just as good but more slippery, so if you think a good grip is more beneficial to you, go for this one.

good megaminx

good megaminx and it is my main now.it has a a controllable turning speed with good magnet strength

best megaminx

Definitely the best megaminx on the market right now. Huge improvement from the v1 and v2. Get this if you are into megaminx!


This mega is just insane. Right out of the box this cube was amazing. I wasn't a fan of the galaxy v1 as well as the non magnetic galaxy v2 but this cube just blew my mind. It's just so good. If you're looking to get into megaminx definitely buy this cube. IT IS THE BEST MEGA in the market as of now. Megnets are not too strong and they make the cube very stable. BUY THIS

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