QiYi X-Man Volt v2 M Square-1 (Slice Magnetic)

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Choice of Base: Black
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Recently I bought this cube and it is a brilliant cube


Very good cube

Thank You To Cubelelo

X-Man Design Volt v2 (Slice Magnetic)
Thank you to Cubelelo for sending me the X-Man Design Volt v2 w/ magnetic slice!
This is probably one of the most awaited releases by QiYi and I'm happy to have gotten my hands on one so quickly.
Out of the box, the puzzle is extremely fast (similar to the Yuxin Little Magic SQ-1) and definitely needs set up to make it controllable, which is why I recommend buying the fully magnetic Volt v2 for extra stability. The puzzle seems to have fixed the major issues of the first version, which were edges breaking and the screw loosening by itself, by having extra plastic in the edge pieces and a metal nut to hold the screw in place, which is great. However, the corner cutting is still lacking and is the same as the first
version as the mechanism is largely the same. The cube also has a smoother feel overall, is available with black top (which is something many frequent square-1 solvers use) and comes with two magnetic versions (slice magnetic and fully magnetic including the layers).
I need to play around with the puzzle more to form a definite opinion but it is for sure a really good cube and has already earned the approval of many fast solvers. Buy it on cubelelo.com!

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