YJ YuChuang v2 M 5x5 Magnetic

YJSKU: 1050059

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YJ YuChuang v2 M 5x5 Magnetic

The YJ YuChuang 5x5 v2 M is a pocket-friendly magnetic 5x5. With a light magnetic feel, and fast turning right out of the box, this puzzle features an amazing performance at a budget-friendly price.

The v2 comes equipped with moderate strength magnets which aide with stability, turning, and control. Out of the box, you will be greeted with smooth, buttery turning and nice corner-cutting.


Brand Name





ABS Plastic

Dimensions (in mm)


62 x  62 x 62

Product Weight (in grams)



Package Weight (in grams)



Color Scheme


Full Bright Shades

Package Contents


1 Unit Cube and 1 Manual




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Kunal Oak
Good cube

good cube, only very slightly worse than flagships, better than YLM after break in, would recommend Okay so on a big cube for me the most important factor is, when I turn an outer layer, the inner layers don't move along with it. Before magnets, manufacturers achieved this by making the outer layers faster (or the inner layers slower) so that the lesser friction of the outer layers wouldn't drag the inner layers along with it. Modern big cubes (at least the good ones) achieve this by making the inner layer magnets stronger, so that they don't move along with the outer layers, while not compromising speed. The Yuchuang V2 M takes the more traditional route - the magnets are roughly the same strength on the inner and outer layers (pretty weak but they get the job done) but the outer layers are ridiculously fast. This gives the cube a nice nostalgic feel (similar to the Weichuang GTS kind of), but also poses a small problem - the outer layers are TOO fast and the cube feels unbalanced as a result. However, with proper setup and sufficient break in, this disparity in speed gets a little less, and the cube actually has a very enjoyable feel. It's currently my second favourite 5x5 in terms of feel, right behind the Valk5 and tied with my Aochuang GTS M. Overall, I actually really enjoy this 5x5. It's not as forgiving as the Valk5 or the Aochuang GTS M, but unless you have really rough turning, it doesn't have to be. I'm only maybe 1s slower on this cube than my main (Valk5) after proper setup and break in, which is very impressive especially considering the price.

Shriansh Deb
Good performance

This is a great option for those starting out for 5 by 5 and even those who want to upgrade to a cheap magnetic 5 by 5. Out of the box it is just ready to go, outer layers have a light, quick, sandy feel while the inners are a bit slower in comparison. Magnets are on the weak side but they really help in stability. Overall the performance, corner cutting and other aspects are just what you can expect from something at this price point. I wouldn't recommend it to fast solvers though....

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