YJ ZhiLong mini 4x4 M (Magnetic)

YJSKU: 1040128

Color: Stickerless
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YJ ZhiLong mini 4x4 M (Magnetic)

YJ’s new masterpiece is here! ZhiLong 4x4 M mini has the newest mechanism and extraordinary overall performance. This mini 4x4 sizes 56mm and is literally smaller than regular 4x4 as they size approx. 61mm, which provides a unique hand feel and is perfectly suitable for cubers with small hands. Also, it's lighter for a 4x4 and weighs only 95g. A precise and balanced magnet layout of 96 magnets provides a light and stable turning experience. X-cube positioning system on the core solves the lockup issues and gives smooth turning during fast rotation solves.

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