YuXin Black Kylin 2x2

YuXinSKU: 1020118

Color: Stickerless
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MFJS MeiLong 2x2
MFJS MeiLong 2x2
₹ 329.00


YuXin Black Kylin 2x2 

The YuXin Black Kylin 2x2 adopts frosted technology and each surface has round corner design, which effectively makes it scratch resistant and gives a good hand feel. The Card feet positioning of big-block edges has the best anti-control ability which prevents cube popping when the cube is rotated. The surface of the cube has a multi-grain set up which makes the cube smooth even after many uses. Its lightweight centre axis design gives a very light hand feel when used. It has a 2.6mm heat setting screw that gives more design space. Cube spring of each surface is easy to adjust to the degree of tightness, suitable to the cuber.

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