YuXin Treasure Box 3x3

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Color: Stickerless
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YuXin Treasure Box 3x3

The YuXin Treasure Box 3x3 is a jumbo-sized 3x3 that has been specially designed. The puzzle has a hollow ball inside the puzzle that is designed to hold items. On the Whiteface with the logo, there is a special button that can be pressed to allow the side to be twisted off and removed, revealing the contents of the treasure box.

How to Use: To open the treasure box, first solve the 3x3, and then press the YuXin logo piece on the Whiteside all the way down and begin turning that layer counter-clockwise.The side should gradually unscrew itself. To close the treasure box, place the cap back on and screw it clockwise until it is secure, and then pull the entire layer up. The YuXin logo piece should pop back up, and then the cube should function as normal again.

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Nice product

Awesome purchase

a very unique 3x3

it turns really good considering what it is but compared to most good speedcubes , it's pretty average turning ( though you won't be buying this for very fast pb solves ) it opens pretty easily just with a little force , but for closing it , a lot of force has to be applied and the opening on top of the space where you can put stuff is pretty small, the whole cube doesn't have to be solved for it to open, just the white face has to be oriented for it to open.

Best Piggy bank

It is the best thing for cubers it only opens when its solved its really cool to save your money n many other things

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