Yuxin ZhiSheng 3x3 Review

Yuxin ZhiSheng "Worth a try??" -Kshitij Sachdeva

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Yuxin ZhiSheng 3x3 : Review

A comprehensive review by a speed-cuber 

Overall Rating : 9.5/10

Looking forward to buy a new 3x3??

Yuxin can be on the top of your wishlist.

After a long series 3x3 speedcubes in the market, this cube made it's position into the top spot in no time. The success of this cube was enhanced (and proved) by current WR single(5.25 sec) by Collin Burns.

This 3x3 is one of the best 3x3's available in the market.
Out of the box this cubes feels a bit scratchy. But at the same time smooth and fast. The corner cutting out of the box is effortlessly 45° and even more with with minimal effort. Whereas the reverse corner cutting is line to line. The big florian holes shaped like the gans 357 makes it the best corner cutters out there. With a minimal work on cube, this can become more awesome.

Speed - The speed of this cube is controllable but fast (Unlike the Gans). It is very stable leading to ZERO lockups.

Pops - In this current cubing times, pops are very rare. The unique anti popping mechanism makes pops negligible.

The cube is very stable. The corner cutting along with stability acts as icing on cake. The only thing people might not like about the cube is the matte stickers, whereas some people would admire it.

Overall the rating of this cube would be : 9.5/10

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