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The drift collection is our budget cube series, which provides value-for-money products. Many of these cubes are also fit for advanced cubers. The standard versions are for beginner to intermediate solvers. The M versions are for intermediate to advanced solvers!


Drift 2M 2x2 (Magnetic)

Drift 2M 2x2 (Magnetic)

There are two 2x2 puzzles currently available in the Cubelelo Drift collection. The first one is the Drift 2x2, this cube is for beginner cubers who just want a new 2x2 to get started with. The price is very reasonable, and the cube performs really well considering its price. 

The second 2x2 in the Drift collection is the Drift 2M, this cube is suited for intermediate solvers, who want a magnetic 2x2 on a budget. If you’re new to 2x2, I’d recommend going for the normal Drift 2x2 and not the 2M, simply because magnets are really unnecessary for beginner 2x2 solvers. If you are a bit experienced and come in the intermediate category when it comes to the 2x2, I’d really recommend going for the Drift 2M, which is also amazingly cheap considering it’s a magnetic cube. Both the cubes are a great value-for-money choice!


In the 3x3 sector, there are 4 puzzles, including 2 newly released cubes. There is the Standard Drift 3x3, which is a great cube for beginners. A great value-for-money choice! But if you are sub-1 and fall into the intermediate category, I’d recommend going for one of the other 3 puzzles, which are Drift 3M, Drift 3M Pro, and the Drift 3M Pro Maglev

Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic)

Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic)

The Drift 3M is an amazing value-for-money magnetic puzzle, which feels really premium and smooth. The Drift 3M Pro is a more advanced puzzle for advanced cubers. So, in the long run, I’d recommend going for the Pro or Pro Maglev. The Drift 3M is for intermediate cubers, but it isn’t really fit for advanced cubers. So if you’re an intermediate cuber, but on a budget, go ahead and buy the Drift 3M. But I would recommend saving some money and getting the 3M Pro Maglev to serve a longer-lasting purpose.


There are two 4x4s in our Drift collection. One is the standard 4x4, and the second is the Drift 4M. 

The Drift 4x4 is a really good value-for-money product for beginners who are on a budget and just want a new 4x4. 

Drift 4M 4x4 (Magnetic)

Drift 4M 4x4 (Magnetic)

The Drift 4M, on the other hand, is for intermediate to advanced cubers, even for sub-1 cubers! The Drift 4M is magnetized, and is way more premium than the Drift 4x4 standard, while still holding the value for money standard despite being more than twice the price of the standard Drift 4x4.


Drift 5M 5x5 (Magnetic)

Drift 5M 5x5 (Magnetic)

In the Drift collection, there’s the Drift 5x5 and the Drift 5M, both of which are excellent cubes and amazing value-for-money choices. The Drift 5x5, although for beginner cubers, is not that much worse than the 5M. The standard 5x5 is meant for budget cubers or for beginners who want their first 5x5. 

The 5M on the other hand, suits intermediate to advanced cubers and I would recommend going for the 5M, as it serves a long-lasting purpose.


For the 6x6, there are two puzzles, again! The standard 6x6 isn’t really up to the mark, but again, for the price, it’s a great value-for-money choice. It is meant for beginner 6x6 solvers, who want to learn how to solve it, or just want it for their collection.

Drift 6M 6x6 (Magnetic)

Drift 6M 6x6 (Magnetic)

The Drift 6M, being magnetized, is really premium and is meant for even advanced solvers. I would recommend going for the 6M over the 6x6 any day of the week. The price difference isn’t that much and the quality improves by multiple factors. 


Drift 7M 7x7 (Magnetic)

Drift 7M 7x7 (Magnetic)

For the 7x7, there’s just one puzzle, the Drift 7M, which is a splendid puzzle. I’d recommend this for advanced cubers as well. This cube doesn’t seem like a budget cube at all! It’s magnetized, and a magnetized cube costing just a fraction of the price of huge flagships is so fascinating. Go for this puzzle no matter what stage you’re in, beginner, intermediate or advanced!


Drift Megaminx M (Magnetic)

Drift Megaminx M (Magnetic)

For the megaminx, we have the Drift Megaminx and the Megaminx M. The Drift Megaminx is an entry-level megaminx for beginner solvers. 

The Drift Megaminx M has an improved design and magnets to improve the turning and suit intermediate to advanced solvers!

Pyraminx, Skewb, and Square-1

pyramid, skewb and square-1 cube

All of these puzzles are entry-level puzzles meant for beginners. If you’re a bit more advanced at these events, I wouldn’t recommend buying these puzzles. But they are cheap, so if you want a new puzzle to just get started at these events, they are an excellent value-for-money choice to get if you’re just starting out.

Other puzzles

axis cube, fisher cube, windmill cube, twisty 3x3

The Drift collection also offers unofficial puzzles like Axis cube, Fisher cube, Windmill cube, Twisty 3x3, and Mirror cube

All these puzzles are entry-level and cheap, as they should be because they are unofficial puzzles. The corner cutting doesn’t have to be extraordinary, or the cube doesn’t have to be magnetic because it simply isn’t solved competitively. 

The only requirement from these kinds of puzzles is that the puzzle must be easy to turn and comfortable in the hand, and these puzzles fulfill this requirement. 

Apart from this, the Drift collection also has quirky 3x3s such as Gear 3x3, Penrose 3x3, Drift 3x3 keychain cube, jelly edition 3x3, and Carbon fiber 3x3. These cubes are also a fun addition to your cube collection!


The Drift collection also contains accessories such as a cube timer and cube mat, which are really durable and come very cheap compared to some expensive counterparts.


Woah! This was our entire Drift Collection. Hope this helps in introducing you to the collection you can go over to our website cubelelo.com and check out all these products! For complete review watch - Drift 2x2-7x7 First Impressions by Sarthak Masta 

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