Hello from Team Cubelelo!

We are thrilled to have you here and thank you for taking the time to get to know us better. Here are a few things about us that we feel you might like to know!

Cubelelo.com is India's leading cubestore. We started back in 2014 with a mission to provide one stop solution to all your speed-cubing needs. And in the 8 years of this journey with you we have processed over 5 lakh orders and are trusted by over 3 lakh cubers across the country. 

Cubelelo.com is a one stop solution to all your cubing needs, be it official speed-cubing puzzles, unofficial puzzles, cubic and non cubic puzzles, twisters like the mirror cube, cubing accessories like lubricants, tensioning tools, timers & mats, stickers etc, all these are just a few clicks away!

We launched our in-house apparel brand CubeInk with a vision of providing the best quality t-shirts and hoodies. We also launched the custom cube lubricants and stickers back in 2016 thus making these accessories available at very affordable rates to speed-cubers in India. Our Elite-M range of products is the most successful customized magnetic cube product-line today.

We thrive to bring the latest cubes and puzzles from all your favorite brands like MoYu, Yuxin, GAN, QiYi, DaYan, ShengShou etc as soon as these puzzles are released worldwide. We are committed to provide the best quality, genuine puzzles and a hassle free shopping experience.

We are thankful to the speed-cubing community for all the love and trust. In our attempt to give it back to the community, we help organizers of official and unofficial speed-cubing events across the country by providing equipment and sponsorship. In an endeavor to encourage the top cubing talent of the country we launched our flagship “TeamCL Sponsorship Program” that identifies and supports the top cubers in India!

We recently launched our own range of corporate gifting products including the customisable Infinity Cube and Calendar blocks.  

We hope you are enjoying the shopping experience with us.

Happy Cubing!


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