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Once you are an expert in solving the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube, you move one level up and pick up a 4x4 speed cube. However, when it comes to 4x4 speed cubes, you need to ensure that it provides speed and smoothness in corner cuttings and control in the way you move the pieces. 

Even though the 4x4 is defined by most of the characteristics of the 3x3, it has a quite complex design since it is a dimension higher. Here are some of the best 4x4 speed cubes that you should opt for!

1. YJ MGC 4x4

best budget 4x4 cube

The YJ MGC 4x4 is a new magnetic 4x4 speed cube from YJ. The MGC 4x4 is a mid-range speedcube that performs as good as any premium 4x4 speed cube. It features 96 pieces of precisely installed magnets in a compact size of 60mm wide and weighs only 114g out of the box which makes it 10% lighter than the classic 4x4 cubes. The coordination of the multiple inner circles and the air avoidance design makes the MGC have a high stability and fault tolerance. The Cube comes in a compact and advanced internal design which delivers great performance. It is well suited for all level cubers.

2. QiYi MS 4x4

best 4x4 rubik's cube

The QiYi MS 4x4 is a magnetic speedcube that is built for performance. It is one of the lowest-priced magnetic 4x4 but performs really well. It offers fast and smooth turning. The Cube comes with medium strength magnets that are barely noticeable. It features the right corner-cutting that gives a very professional feel. The pieces are designed differently than a standard 4x4, and it fits nicely together. It is a good option for beginner and intermediate solvers.

3. Meilong 4x4 Elite M

best 4 by 4 rubik's cube

The Meilong 4x4 Elite M is smaller and lightweight as compared to regular 4x4 cubes. It features fairly regular stickerless shades. It brings a good hand feel with rounded corners and edges. The inner mechanism enables the Cube for great corner-cutting and turning. The inner unified friction surface design connects the edge and the corner pieces perfectly, thereby improving controllability. The Cube offers a great experience at its budget-friendly price and is a good option for beginners and intermediate solvers.

4. MoYu AoSu WRM 4x4

best 4 by 4 cube

The AoSu WRM 4x4 is the successor to the widely popular cubes from MoYu. The 4x4 magnetic Cube is smaller in size and lightweight. At 59mm it is easily controllable. The Cube features moderately strong magnets that greatly enhance the overall stability. The upgraded core designs of the Cube enable it to deliver a smoother solve with fewer lockups that give this Cube serious potential. It is a  must buy cube for intermediate to pro solvers.

5. YJ ZhiLong Mini 4x4

best budget 4 by 4 cube

The YJ ZhiLong Mini 4x4 is a new magnetic mini cube by YongJun Toys. At 56mm the Cube has a quick, satisfying and crunchy feel. The Cube is magnetized with 96 perfectly positioned magnets. The strong inner magnets with lighter outer magnetics that work together to deliver stability and control. All the pieces interlock perfectly with the smart design and high precision plastic moulds. The ZhiLong Mini 4x4 is a great choice for cubers who prefer smaller cubes. It is best for all level solvers.




There are many options that you can choose when buying a 4x4 speed cube. You should consider buying a speed cube that suits you best based on your cubing style. All the 4x4 Speed Cubes mentioned in this article can be purchased from the official Cubelelo website. Check them out and get cubing!

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