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The GAN is a Cube puzzle brand created by Ganyuan Jiang. He had set the first Chinese 3x3 national speed-solving record in 2007. GAN had released their first-ever Cube in 2011 and has since been used by many professional cubers including Feliks Zemdegs. GAN has definitely pioneered huge advances in cubing hardware. Here is a list of the best GAN Cubes that you should own!

9 Best Gan Cubes In 2022

1. GAN 11 M PRO

best gan 3x3

The GAN 11 M Pros was launched in 2020 and is a 3x3 magnetic speed cube. It is designed with an omnidirectional magnetic core in addition to the 48 traditionally placed magnets inside the cube pieces. This magnetic positioning system creates a consistent magnetic feel which is strong. The GAN 11 M Pro is highly customizable and provides smooth corner turns.

2. GAN 356 M 3x3 Magnetic

best gan speed cube

The GAN 356 M is a stickerless magnetic cube that offers premium features. It comes with hand-adjustable Numerical IPG Core and a set of GES nuts. The GAN 356 M has a fast and stable feel. It is perfect for speedcuber who are on the lookout for a 3x3 with the simplicity of GAN engineering.

3. GAN 354 M v2 3x3 Magnetic

best gan 3x3 cube

The GAN 354 v2 is a miniature magnetic 3x3 cube. The Cube is 2mm smaller than the traditional size. This makes it easy for a single-hand solve and for smaller hands. The corner cuts nice and smoothly, thereby giving you complete control of the puzzle. The GAN 354 M v2 has a softer and springier feel.

4. Cubelelo 356 RS 3x3 Elite-M (Magnetic)

best gans cube

The Cubelelo 356 RS Elite-M (Magnetic) comes in a compact size with a split-piece design that provides great control for fast cube lovers. The puzzle comes with 48 neodymium magnets arranged such that it ensures precise symmetric patterns for rotations. This results in increased efficiency as it minimizes overshooting and undesirable lockups. The Cubelelo 356 RS Elite-M (Magnetic) is perfect for one-hand solves.

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5. GAN 251 M

best budget gan cube

The GAN 251 M is a 2x2 speed cube from GAN. It comes with great features like corner-cutting, matte finish and magnetic strength that gives it an airy feel. The small size makes the puzzle all the more controllable, thereby giving a better solving experience.

6. Gan Pyraminx

best gan cube 3x3

The GAN Pyraminx is the first Pyraminx with GAN’s core-edge magnetic posting system. It also comes in a honeycomb design that gives a smooth and comfortable turning experience. The Cube also comes with additional GES nuts for elasticity customization and magnetic pieces for a great magnetic feel.

7. GAN Skewb

gan best cube

The GAN Skewb is the first Skewb to have adjustable tensions and spring compressions. It also comes with core and corner magnetic designs. The magnetic Skewb offers smooth movements that have impressed many top solvers.

8. GAN Cube Solver Robot

best gan cube 2021

Whether you are a professional cuber who loves challenges or a beginner who wants to improve solve time, the GAN Cube Solver Robot is the right option. It offers a smooth movement with a premium feel. The GAN Robot is foldable and portable with a non-slip deck. It has 5 claws that firmly grasp the Cube and rotate it. You can control the start and stop the movement of the Robot with a button.

9. GAN i2 (Smart Cube)

best gan 3x3

The GAN i2 is a Smart Cube that comes with a faster charging time of 2 hours, longer battery life and longer standby of 60 days. The GAN i2 is a Bluetooth-connected puzzle that is responsive on both android and apple devices through the ‘Cube Station’ app from GAN. 

The Cube is also equipped with an internal motion tracking which gives you insights on each more like turns per second, rotations and moves count. This Cube is the perfect combination of technology and performance.


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Though all the GAN Cubes are best in their own way, you need to find what suits you the best. With this list, you can scout through the huge array of options and choose the Cube whose features you like the most. You can always make the most of Cube accessories to make your solving experience a smooth one! Happy Cubing!

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