Best Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas for Sister & Brother

Rakshabandhan is one of the most popular Hindu festivals in which we celebrate the bond between siblings! The festival involves the sister tying a Rakhi on the brother’s wrist, wishing him the best in life, while the brother promises the sister to protect her throughout their lives. It is a very emotional and celebratory time, bearing some of the best moments one could ask for.

The most common way that siblings show their love to each other is by gifting them something on this day. And what better thing to give your sibling this Rakshabandhan than a Rubik’s Cube, or any related puzzle! Puzzles are known to be beneficial to the development of the brain as well as good stress-busters in general.

rakshabandhan gift

Here are some great ideas for Rakshabandhan gifts you can get your sibling this year! We at Cubelelo guarantee we have something for everyone! While gifts are gender-neutral like most things, here are some ideas to speed up your shopping experience. Whether it’s for your brother or for your sister, below is the variety of options available to buy:

Cubelelo Gift Box

Cubelelo Gift BoxDrift 5 in 1 Beginner Kit

The Cubelelo Gift Box contains the carbon-fiber versions of the amazing Cubelelo Drift series, ranging from the 2x2 - 5x5 puzzles. This can be a great addition to a collection or even to solve for fun at home. One can certainly never get bored of looking at these puzzles and solving them in their free time!

Beginners Bundles

The beginners bundles consist of combo offers in the Cubelelo Drift series, including the 2x2, 3x3 & 4x4 bundles. These are a great gift to give to your sibling, especially if they are just getting into cubing and are looking for basic puzzles!

For youngsters

Cubelelo’s ‘gifts for kids’ collection houses some of the best puzzles for kids to get their hands on and be introduced to speedcubing. If your sibling is still young and has never tried one before, be sure to check out this collection and get them their first puzzle! You can find everything from 3x3s to Pyraminxes to fruit-shaped puzzles as well.

rakhi gift ideas


When it comes to clothing, we always prefer to have new clothes on auspicious occasions. So, what better gift for your sibling than a brand new Cubelelo T-shirt or hoodie that looks very appealing and possesses the highest levels of comfort? If they aren’t into clothing, then that’s okay too, because we have keychains, bands and much more!


The keychain collection houses pyraminx, 3x3, gear cube, pillowed 2x2 and YuXin toy keychains, giving you a wide base of options. There is definitely something for everyone here, and gifting them a cubing keychain could make them feel really good about having a puzzle with them everywhere they go with it!

Cube Pouches & Bands

If your sibling is already a cuber, you can get them a brand new pouch that they can use to store the cubes that you will get to gift them for Rakshabandhan! If not pouches, you can look at the collection of speedcuber bands, blindfolds and cube stands that Cubelelo has, available in various colours as well. 

T-Shirts & Hoodies

Coming to clothes, there are large collections of both casual and cubing T-shirts, along with both types of hoodies as well. The collections house a myriad of designs and colours associated with each design. They include witty quotes, illustrations and references, along with cubing apparel too! Keeping in mind the approaching winter season, you can also check out various hoodies with similar options and a palette of colours that is guaranteed to impress.

Check out our below Collections for other Rakshabandhan gift for brother and sister

Creativity Boosters
Rainbow Balls
Snake Puzzles
Sliding Puzzles
Mouse Pads
Cubing Mats
Cube Timers
Jigsaw Puzzles

So, what are you waiting for? Get going with your shopping by using the embedded links in this blog and celebrate your Rakshabandhan this year with a puzzle-themed festive atmosphere! After all, you can never go wrong with a cube or anything related as a gift!

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Akshaansh Chilakapati is a speedcuber from Hyderabad who specializes in big cubes. He started cubing when he was 15 and has 5 years of cubing experience. He loves to play sports, and music and has a passion for astrophysics. He has attended 20 competitions and won a total of 64 podiums with 16 gold medals. He is also ranked 13th in India for the overall Sum of Ranks (SOR).

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