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Do you want to increase your sub 5 average? When it comes to cubing, it is very important to take care of your lucky cube. And how would you do that? By keeping your cube well lubricated and healthy to avoid lock ups. 

So here are some of the best cube lubes that you should try to keep your cube maintained and lock-up free and making it ready for the Comps.

1) Cubelelo Velocity Lube

best rubiks cube lube

Cubelelo Velocity is a very versatile lubricant. It is the lightest type of Cubelelo silicone lubricant, which can increase the speed of the cube while keeping the cube very smooth.It has been tested and will last longer than any other competitive lubricant. Approved to achieve the desired effect not only in 3x3 cubes but also in higher order cubes. It comes with a Luer lock syringe with twist lock cap and green tip for lubricating hard-to-reach areas.This lubricant works best when applied to parts.

2) Cubelelo Hurricane Lube

best speed cube lube

As its name suggests, this lube helps to make your cube smooth and super fast. It is the thinnest lube and is also referred to as ‘weight1’ in the Cubelelo’s Standard Lube Series. The effect of the lubricant on the cube is that it stays for a longer time and is best suited for the lubrication of the cube pieces. It's a great choice for those who can coordinate well with a fast cube.

3) Cubelelo Calm Lube

best cube lube

Cubelelo Calm Lube is an outstanding lube from Cubelelo’s Standard Lube series. The website states it as ‘weight 5’ .The high viscosity lube gives you a stable and smooth feel. It seems quite gummy in the beginning but will later make the cube smooth. It is exclusively for the core pieces and goes best with the Cubelelo Hurricane Lube(weight 1) which is well suited for the pieces. You should definitely try this one if you want to improve your sub and have a good control on your favourite cube.

4) Maru Lube

best rubik's cube lube

Maru Lube is a water-based lube unlike the other lubes which are oil based. It's an amazing lube, you just need to add 2-3 drops on each side and then your cube will become smooth and speedy. The best part is that you do not have to worry about  over lubing as it is water based and it'll get normal after a few solves. It stays more on the core and screws. One downside may be that you have to use it more frequently than other oil based lubes. But hey, this is inexpensive and gives you great results.

5) GAN standard Lube

best lube for gan cube

The GAN Standard Lube is a low viscosity lube that works best on the pieces. It gives a very smooth , buttery feel by reducing the friction between the plastic pieces and contact surfaces on the cube. It enhances the speed and turning ability while applying the algorithms while speedsolving and lasts long due to lesser wear and tear. It obviously works best on GAN cubes and also gives great results worth its price for other cubes. In other words, it gives a premium touch to any cube.


Wrapping it Up!

A Speedcuber needs to practice regularly,master the algorithms and take care of their cubes. Proper maintenance of your cube will help you to enhance your speed and work effortlessly in various situations. It's up to you to choose the best one that works hand in hand with your cube. Check out the official Cubelelo website for more cubing products!

Happy Cubing!





I have the velocity and I would say it changes the feel of the cube by making it buttery smooth. It also takes a while to be broken in. I would really like if you guys can manufacter your line of lubricants in a dropper style bottle as well.



It’s all very cool guys, I’ve already used hurricane lube but as it comes as a syringe, it’s sort of horrible to lubricate. If you guys give it in a dropper-style bottle. I really wanna try velocity but it’s ina syringe. Would be super happy if in a dropper-style bottle.

Robin Hook

Robin Hook

Very nice and informative blog. Learned a lot but When it comes to lubrication not only Quality that matters but ratio should also be taken care off. Learn more



Hi, any recommendation for lubricants for the smart cube? I am planning to buy GAN 356 i Carry and am confused on which lube to go with it. Also, how to make sure that the lube doesn’t spoil the electronic circuitry inside the cube?

Aaryan gothwal

Aaryan gothwal

Hi, good list, but what do u guys think about the cubicle labs lubricants?

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