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There comes a time in every beginner cuber's life when he/she starts solving more advanced and complicated puzzles! One such puzzle is the square-1. 

Square -1 is a WCA cube puzzle which was invented by Czechoslovakian designers, Karel Hršel and Vojtěch Kopský in 1990. It is the only shape shifting puzzle in WCA's event list. It is one of the most eye-catching and impressive events at competitions due to the chaotic forms it acquires while scrambling! 

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners about this event is "Is it difficult to solve a square-1? ". In short, no! One of the prerequisites for solving a square -1 is knowing how to solve a 3x3 speedcube and to have a general understanding of notations and moves. This will help a beginner in solving a square-1 easily! It does take some time to learn it but once you get the hang of it, it becomes fairly easy to solve. 

But before solving Square 1 cube, you must consider the best Square 1 cube to make it easier. In this blog, we have added the best Square one cubes that you can buy. But before diving into the list, here are the the things that you should consider before buying Square 1 cube. 

Things to consider before buying a square -1

  1. You must know the standard notations. 
  2. Be ready to accept changes in your approach towards solving as the square-1 has a really weird notation system. 
  3. You'll have to tweak your turning style and finger tricks to turn a square-1. 
  4. Be ready to invest some time into learning the solving process as it takes some time to get accustomed to it. 

1. MGC Square-1 

best square one cube

The MGC square-1 was released this year and it has become the most popular cube on the market in just  six months! 

The reason behind its success is its reliability and sturdiness. We have never turned a square-1 better than the MGC, it has mind blowing corner cutting and amazing fluidity. 

Almost every square-1 enthusiast has switched to it and cubers are already breaking continental records with it! 

The reason why this cube performs so well is because of its design which makes it extremely stable and reliable while solving. It is very hard to disassemble this puzzle as it has a complex internal structure which sets it apart from all the cubes on the market. 

This cube also has black caps which come in a separate packet along with it. This gives you the flexibility to change any caps with the black ones. This feature makes it quite unique. 

This cube also has some really fancy packaging and an amazing unboxing experience! 

It is undoubtedly the best square-1 on the market and I would highly recommend it to every cuber! 

2. Volt V2 M

best square 1 cube

The Volt V2 was released in the fall of 2019 and it quickly became everyone's favorite square-1! This puzzle has really good magnet strength and placement, which the MGC doesn't have! 

The only category where this puzzle falls short is stability. This puzzle has really bad lockups due to this and it feels flimsy while turning fast! 

If you're someone who likes fast and light cubes then you should go for the Volt V2 M. 

One thing to note is that this cube has some problems with edge breaking! Many cubers have encountered this problem. So, you must consider this before buying it. 

3. Yuxin Square-1

best square one cube

The Yuxin square was a really popular cube among square -1 enthusiasts, mainly due to its cheap price ame good build quality! It was the first mass produced magnetic cube and it made a great impact on the cubing community! Many world records were broken using it! 

This cube does need some modifications but overall its a bang for your buck! So, if you're a newbie and just want a budget friendly square -1 to solve for fun then you should definitely buy the Yuxin square-1. 


All of these cubes are amazing and you'd get similar times with all of them but my personal recommendation would be the MGC! It has great performance and doesn't have any piece breaking issues like the Volt and it also doesn't need any modifications! 

The best thing to do is to try all these cubes at a cubing meet up or competition. This will help you choose a cube that suits you! Checkout our Square 1 cube collection today and grab your favorite one. 

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