finger tricks for rubik's cube

In speedcubing there are several basic tricks that we learn as beginners but as we get faster we get to know about new ways to execute moves. 

Finger tricks are the moves done by our fingers to move the layers on a Rubik's cube. Usually, most of the new cubers struggle to perform them with ease. 

To get faster at executing finger tricks, one must develop a solid home grip. A cuber should hold the cube in such a way that allows him/her to move every finger without any problem. This will take some time and practice but once you master the art of holding a cube, you'll be able to perform all sorts of finger tricks and solve cube faster

After learning the basic tricks one must learn the advanced ways to solve cases. 

So, here are some new and interesting finger tricks that are definitely going to puzzle you!

S Move-

cube finger tricks

Algorithm- S /S'This move is called the S move. It is a slice move and it’s used to do all sorts of advanced algorithms.  Some popular algorithms that can be performed using this move are the Ultra fast U-perm and the funky insertion.

E Move-

finger tricks rubik's cube


This move is called the E move. It is also a slice move and is used by world class solvers to increase efficiency during F2L. It is quite helpful during F2L as it allows a cuber to move the E layer without interfering with the top and bottom layers. It is great for pseudo slotting and fancy F2L tricks.

Wide Moves-

finger tricks rubik's cube 3x3

Uw / u

rubik cube finger tricks training

Dw / d

rubik's cube finger tricks

Rw / r

rubik's cube finger tricks algorithms

Lw / l

rubik's cube finger tricks practice

Fw / f

3x3 cube finger tricks

Wides moves are just like the conventional moves, the only difference between them is that they involve the movement of a slice move along with the normal layer.

They are used to do several ZBLLS, COLLS, WVS and 1LL algorithms.


I really love the way these advanced algorithms help in adding a new dimension to a cuber’s solves. I would highly recommend you to learn and incorporate these moves into your solves. If used properly and efficiently these moves are definitely going to help you in becoming a master cuber.

Author - Arush Singh 





Aviral  awasaiya

Aviral awasaiya

That is great for begginers

Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Nice illustrations in the article. Good job CL team.

Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Abhijeet Deepak Ghodgaonkar

Excellent writing and easy to understand. Good blog.

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