Educational Fun Learning Indoor Games : Age 8 + years


As children grow older, their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills become more advanced, and they are ready for more complex and challenging games. Indoor games that are both educational and entertaining can significantly contribute to their mental development. Here, we explore some fantastic educational indoor games for kids aged 8 years and older, focusing on the advanced puzzles from the Drift series.

1. Drift 3M PLUS 3x3 (Magnetic)

The Drift 3M PLUS 3x3 Magnetic Cube is an upgraded version of the classic 3x3 cube, offering a smoother and more refined cubing experience. With magnetic alignment, it ensures stability and precise turning, making it an excellent choice for advanced cubers. This cube challenges kids to think critically and develop advanced problem-solving techniques, making it a perfect tool for cognitive development.


  • Advanced Problem-Solving: Enhances skills with complex algorithms.
  • Memory and Focus: Boosts memory and concentration.
  • Dexterity: Develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

2. Drift Skewb

The Drift Skewb is a fascinating twisty puzzle that deviates from the traditional cubic shape, offering a unique challenge. Its unconventional movements make it a great tool for enhancing spatial awareness and logical thinking. This puzzle is perfect for kids exploring new challenges and thinking creatively.


  • Spatial Reasoning: Enhances understanding of 3D geometry.
  • Logical Thinking: Promotes strategic problem-solving.
  • Creativity: Inspires inventive puzzle-solving approaches.

3. Drift Megaminx M

The Drift Megaminx M is a dodecahedron-shaped puzzle that offers a highly challenging and engaging experience. With its 12 faces and magnetic features, it requires more advanced strategies and problem-solving skills than the traditional 3x3 cube. This puzzle is ideal for older kids who are ready to push their cognitive abilities to new heights and enjoy complex challenges.


  • Complex Problem-Solving: Sharpens skills with its intricate design.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Teaches endurance through detailed solving.
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Develops adaptability to diverse techniques.

4. Drift 4M 4x4 (Magnetic)

The Drift 4M 4x4 Magnetic Cube is a step up from the 3x3, offering a more challenging and rewarding experience. The added layers and magnetic design provide a stable and smooth turning experience, making it an excellent choice for advanced cubers. This puzzle helps kids develop advanced problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and patience, making it a valuable educational tool.


  • Advanced Algorithms: Enhances understanding and application of complex algorithms.
  • Strategic Thinking: Develops planning skills for navigating cube complexities.
  • Concentration and Patience: Improves focus and endurance during solving.


Educational indoor games like the Drift 3M PLUS 3x3 Magnetic Cube, Drift Skewb, Drift Megaminx M, and Drift 4M 4x4 Magnetic Cube are perfect for children aged 8 years and older. These games offer a blend of fun and educational value, promoting advanced problem-solving, strategic thinking, and cognitive flexibility. By incorporating these engaging activities into your child’s routine, you can ensure they are entertained while also fostering their mental and developmental growth.

So, the next time you’re looking for a productive way to keep your older kids busy, consider these educational indoor games that promise both joy and learning.

Happy Time!

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