brain teaser puzzles for kids

Many a time, keeping children engaged for long durations feels like a lost battle. If you are looking for ways to teach entertaining concepts that actually spark a life, then brain teaser puzzles are what you need. Brain Teaser puzzle for kids is a great form of game-based learning that is not only entertaining but also inspires creative thoughts. Here are some of the most fun and challenging brain teaser puzzles for kids. 

1. Cubelelo Magic Snake

brain teaser puzzles for kids

The Magic Snake from Cubelelo is also known as Rubik's Snake or Rubik's Twist. The puzzle does not have any right answers or solutions. There are infinite possibilities to create what your child desires - snake, horse, dog, cats, etc. The Cubelelo Magic Snake encourages independent and creative thinking. 

2. Fruit Puzzle

brain teaser puzzles for toddlers

The Fruit Puzzle is a great challenging brain teaser puzzle. Your child needs to twist and rotate the pieces around to fit them in the right place. The Fruit Puzzle comes in a variety of shapes and with many combinations and permutations that can lead your child to the solved position. 

3. Animal Puzzle

brain teasers for kids

The Animal Puzzle is a perfect challenge, especially for kids, as they need to work hard and independently to find the right solution. There is no one method of positioning the right pieces. There are many combinations that can lead your child to the solved position.

4. Sliding Magnetic Puzzle

challenging brain teaser for kids

The Sliding magnetic puzzles might seem quite difficult. This is because when your child pulls out the block, they can easily move around other blocks to place them into the right places. Children can implement the concept of numbers and letters that they learn and gain a stronger conceptual foundation. 

5. Magnetic Blocks

fun brain teaser puzzles for kids

Magnetic Blocks are quite cool as they come in many pretty colours and built-in magnets. The magnets help your child to stack the blocks to create anything they like. 

6. Locking Puzzle

best brain teaser puzzle for kids

At first sight, the locking puzzle might seem easy to assemble. However, it demands careful thinking of the internal structure. This brain teaser comes in many shapes and pieces. There are no available solutions, which means that your child needs to work independently to assemble all the pieces correctly. 

7. Pyraminx

brain teaser puzzles for kids

The Pyraminx is a twisty puzzle and is the shape of a  tetrahedron. It has four triangular faces and three layers. The goal of the puzzle is to scramble the colours and then restore them into their original formation. What is challenging is that there are many permutations and combinations of rotations that kids need to figure out themselves. There is no one way of solving this puzzle. However, the ideal number of twists to solve this puzzle is said to be 11. 

8. Skewb

brain teaser puzzles for toddlers

The Skweb is another twisty puzzle that encompasses eight corners and 6 square centrepieces. As your child, your child would notice that the cores and the corners are in fact, the centrepieces and the other four pieces are the edges. This is a very challenging puzzle as it makes your child exercise his mental capabilities. 

9. Clock

challenging brain teaser puzzle for kids

The Rubik's Magic Clock is a very simple clock. The design of this puzzle is such that it features nine clock faces on each side. These are placed in a 3x3 grid and include four pins that need to be pushed. There are also gears that control the movement of the clocks. Your child needs to solve this puzzle by moving all the clocks face to 12 o'clock. 

10. Robotime Products

best brain teaser puzzle for kids

Robotime products are designed for DIY items. It features DIY miniature houses, guns, the Eiffel Tower, globes, planes, Cathy’s greenhouse etc. It encourages children to have a creative and healthy lifestyle. By building robotime products one piece at a time, kids learn to relax the mind and relieve pressure. It also provides a strong sense of fulfilment. 



No matter what skills you want to focus on, brain teaser puzzles are a great addition to traditional teaching methods. These are designed to be fun for kids. The ultimate goal is not the right solution but the mental exercise that they put in to arrive at the solution. All the brain teasers mentioned can be purchased from the official Cubelelo website. Use these brain teasers to add a boost of energy in your child’s learning! If you are looking for brain teaser puzzles for adults, click here for best puzzles. 

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