How to make Patterns on the 4x4 Cube

Patterns are predictable, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable, which is why we enjoy them so much! While making patterns on the 3x3 is a lot of fun, the 4x4 with its added layer makes even more patterns possible, opening a new world of creativity. 

Here are 10 patterns for you to try out on your 4x4: 

Before we get started, here are a few instructions on how to go about the patterns - 

  • Clicking on the algorithm leads to an animation of the pattern, making it easier to follow the algorithm
  • The 2-3 here represent turning both the middle layers on the 4x4 simultaneously, while the single number (as in 2F2) represents just one of the middle layers. 
  • Here, wide notation (Rw, Fw, etc.) and small-letter notation (r, f, etc) have been used interchangeably and imply rotation of both side layers simultaneously 
  • For more help with notation, please watch this video

1. Parallel Stripes

Parallel Stripes

d 2-3Rw2 d2 2-3Fw2 d 2-3Rw2 b2 r2 B2 2F2

The parallel stripes are one of the easiest to make and involve mostly middle-layer moves that are easy to follow. The pattern formed is a series of parallel lines around the cube, 4 different colours on each side with the top and bottom faces solved.

2. Stripes

F R2 2-3Dw' R2 B 2-3Dw R D2 B 2-3Rw 2-3Dw' F' R2 U' B2 u2 r2 U2 R2 f2 r2 2U2

Stripes is one of the harder algorithms to follow but also makes for a beautiful pattern. The completed cube has pairs of opposite coloured lines on each face, two together and two apart. Each face has a unique arrangement of lines, and is in a different direction from the adjacent, making it one of the most intricate patterns. 

3. Dots

U D' R L' F B' U D'

Taking on from the 3x3, Dots is a very simple pattern that can be made using just 7 moves, making it beginner friendly. The patterned cube has corners and edges solved, with the centres interchanged in a cycle of three colours. 

4. Checkered Dot

2-3Dw' 2-3Rw' 2U' 2D2 2F' 2D' 2U' 2B 2U 2-3Fw 2-3Rw 

Building on dots, checkered dots add a level of complexity and symmetry to a very simple pattern. Similar to dots, the cube has completed corners and edges. Each Centre is interchanged with the pieces of two different canters and arranged alternatively.  

5. Opposite Boxes

Bw2 Rw' Dw Rw Dw' Rw' Dw Rw Uw Rw' Dw' Rw Dw Rw' Dw' Rw Uw' Bw2

Opposite boxes are one of the easier patterns to make. The cube looks mostly solved except for two opposite corner blocks which look as if they were twisted. 

6. Cube in a Cube

F L F U' R U F2 L2 U' L' B D' B' L2 U

Cube in a cube arranges the pieces in such a way that the cube forms two “cube” shaped blocks on opposite sides, separated by a continuous line of pieces that follow the blocks around the cube. 

7. 3-Cube in a Cube

B' 2R2 2L2 U2 2R2 2L2 B F2 R U' R U R2 U R2 F' U F' u l u' f2 d r' u f d2 r2

The 3-Cube in a cube is a pattern unique to 4x4 and takes advantage of the added layers. The main design is similar to the cube in a cube. But the completed pattern forms three different “cubes” on opposite sides of the cube, each having a different colour. 

8. Corner Wrapper

L U B' U' R L' B R' F B' D R D' F'

The corner wrapper makes the cube look as if the centerpieces with one edge each have been shifted by one side giving it a simplistic but confounding look. 

9. Rings

B' M2 U2 M2 B F2 R U' R U R2 U R2 F' U F' u l u' f2 d r' u f d2 r2

Rings is similar to the 3-cube in a cube, except for one piece in each “cube” which is different. This different piece in each “cube” makes the pieces look like rings around the cube with different pieces like gemstones. 

10. Colour Peak

F U2 L F L' B L U B' R' L' U R' D' F' B R2

Colour peak is a mix of the corner wrapper and the opposite blocks, with opposite corner blocks interchanged, forming different coloured “T”s on opposite sides of the cube. 

Hope you enjoyed making the patterns! Show off your new skills on all social platforms and make sure to tag cubelelo!

Happy Cubing!

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Avani Sood

Avani Sood from Bengaluru has won 12 female national records overall and has been competing for the past 4 years. She started cubing when she was 11. Her main event is Megaminx. Apart from cubing, she loves to cook and read. She has participated in 10 competitions and won 1 podium. 

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