Megaminx guide

Megaminx is in my opinion one of the most unique and fun events in the WCA. It is a side event and the WCA puzzle with the most number of sides that is 12. Top solvers are breaking newer barriers every year and push the limits of this high complexity cube. Moreover, it is quite easy to improve at the event by just spamming solves and getting more knowledge of the cube. It doesn’t matter when you started solving the Megaminx or how fast or slow you are. This guide will help you get faster by just implementing simple practice techniques.

2:30 and above 

Megaminx Guide For All Barriers

This is when you’re new to the event and don’t have much experience in it.

  • To improve you should develop a fixed S2L order. My S2L order is to start from the yellow face and keep moving to the left but you can use any, it doesn’t matter much, just make sure it’s fixed for every solve. 
  • Try to get your hands on a decent or good cube. If you don’t want to invest much then your best bet is the Yuhu V2M. If you want to get a top tier cube then consider this or the Dayan V2M.
  • If you use the beginners method for the last layer, switch to 2 look OLL and PLL - EO>>CO>>EP>>CP and use commutators for CP. 
  • At this stage it is extremely easy to improve by just spamming solves and practising frequently.

1:30 to 2:30

megaminx solving guide

  • Experiment around the cube. Don’t just do timed solves, try slow solving and watch beginners or intermediate walkthrough solves. CubeSkills by Feliks Zemdegs has some good videos.
  • It’s not just an extended 3x3, it’s a completely different cube. Don’t be limited to getting f2l pieces on one layer and solving it like a 3x3, use the whole cube during F2L and S2L and be creative.
  • Once again, practice will help the most but focus mostly on your S2L solutions.

1:00 to 1:30

This is when you’re considered an intermediate solver, especially around 1:10.

  • Learn corner permutation algorithms for the last layer and also some easy last layer cases that you see often. 
  • The start of your solve matters a lot. I remember struggling a lot during the start and F2L so if you find yourself lacking in that area then practice only that and match your splits accordingly. 
  • Learn different kinds of inserts such as the R2’ (U move) R2 and F’ R (U move) R’ F and all variants of it.

Under 1:00

megaminx solving guide

This includes people who average sub 50.

  • At this speed you can say you’re fast but improvement from here is not easy. Your speed depends a lot on your 3x3 average and sometimes your 3x3 speed might limit your Megaminx speed so practice 3x3 too.
  • Start learning one look PLLs. I started at around sub 48 but still haven’t finished learning it :( Also learn a few easy one look OLLs that are the same as 3x3 or frequently occurring. 
  • Maintain a good balance between your tps and lookahead. If you find yourself lost quite often then turn slower.
  • Become more fluent while turning and executing algorithms. Don’t just stick to the usual R, U and F moves, try using the D, L and even BR layers to avoid rotations.
  • Watch a lot of advanced walkthrough solves. Amos Nordman, Juan Pablo Huanqui and Nicholas Niang have the best ones. Spend an equal amount of time on timed solves as well as on improving your solutions.


Using this guide, I am sure you will be able to achieve the goal you aspire for and deserve. However keep in mind this is just a subjective guide and will not give you any free improvement, you need to work for the improvement in your timings so keep practicing and don’t give up on the grind.

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