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As you may all know, the World Cube Association is the official governing body for all Rubik's cube competitions across the world. The World Cube Association ensures all competitions under their purview meet the standards set by them. And although the standards are upheld wherever you attend a competition, there are different experiences you may have if you compete at different states in India, let alone different countries. I have competed in Brazil, Malaysia, France, Taiwan, and Russia (for the Red Bull event) and have had different learnings at each and every single one of these places!

This is going to be a short post where I would be sharing some experiences to expect and a few quick tips to handle them when you're planning to travel.

1. Room Temperature

bhargav narasimhan

This is obvious but there is going to be a stark difference in the room temperature (and weather), especially if it happens in a different continent. Since people might be coming from various geographical places, they would ideally choose a room temperature that's easily less than 20°C. If you're not used to cubing at lower temperatures (like me), this might definitely impede your speed. Hand warmers definitely help in this regard, so ensure you pack them before you leave.

2. Lighting


The lighting of the venue totally depends on what the organizers were able to arrange, so it mostly might differ from the ones back home. Most of the major competitions happen in convention halls or huge auditoriums, so they might not be the same across different solving stations too. Since there isn't much you can do about this, the earlier you accept the reality, the better.

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3. Socializing

You may find that most of your fellow competitors tend to be around the ones they are already familiar with, which may sometimes make you feel left out if you're not great at socializing easily. If you're planning to be part of a social circle, the easiest way is to know them virtually before the event, so that there wouldn't be much ice to break when you meet.

bhargav narasimhan

4. Food

The food that you get back at home may/ may not be available in the country where these events happen. So, try going a day or two in advance, explore the place, and try to get used to some diet schedule for the day of the competition, to avoid new food experiences interrupting your performance.

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5. Intimidation

If you're travelling abroad for a major event, say Worlds, you might meet some major cubing athletes who may have inspired you in the past. Competing head-to-head against them is definitely going to feel stressful if you're not mentally prepared for it. This means you're going to be intimidated more than usual. The best way to handle this is to embrace the experience, take it all in and believe in yourself!

bhargav narasimhan

That said, cubing gives a great opportunity for you to travel and no matter what you average, it is a fun experience. Now that things have started opening up, hope you all have safe and fun travels!

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