5 Different Types Of Twisty Puzzles

Twisty puzzles, also known as combination puzzles,  contain a set of pieces that can be manipulated. The goal is to reach a pre-defined a state, by moving the various pieces to a “solved” state. The classic Rubik’s Cube, invented in 1974 is one such puzzle. 

Since then, there have been multiple variations of the cube, ranging in different levels of difficulty. Many of these have become additions to the list of puzzles recognized by the WCA, but many are still in the shadows! Let’s take a look at 5 different types of twisty puzzles depending on their shapes, and what they have to offer - 

1. Cubes

speed cube twisty puzzles

Cubes are basic twisty puzzles, and each of the various cubes have similar mechanisms as well as similar solutions that are built upon one another. Few examples of cubes include - 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and onwards.

2. Cuboids

cuboid twisty puzzle

Building upon the principles of the cubes, cuboids come in various forms, such as the Tower Cube - 2x2x3, the Rubik’s Tower - 2x2x4 and many more. Cuboidal puzzles are considerably easier to figure out, making them especially good for beginners. These also come in forms of “animal puzzles”, making them a great way to engage younger kids as well.

3. Tetrahedral puzzles

pyraminx twisty puzzles

The pyramid shaped puzzles, otherwise known as tetrahedral puzzles, are face turning, 4-sided figures. These are also available in multiple orders, ranging from the 2x2 Pyraminx, to the 5x5 Pyraminx. There are also Pyramorphix, though these have six centers, and have mechanisms similar to the classic cubes. 

4. Dodecahedrons

bulboids twisty puzzles

Dodecahedrons are 12-sided twisty puzzles, which are slightly harder to solve. They range from the Kilominx (2x2), the classic Megaminx (3x3), the Gigaminx, the Teraminx, and the Petaminx. The puzzles increase in complexity, however, they can also be solved applying the principles of the classic cubes. 

5. Bubbloids and Corner Turning Puzzles

types of twisty cube puzzles

Bubbloids are similar to cubes or cuboids in terms of looks, but are turned on the corners instead of the faces. These are generally considered modifications to the classic cubes, however that is a misconception. Generally, corner turning puzzles are considered quite interesting by both cubers and non-cubers alike, because of the unique style they possess. A few common examples of these puzzles are Skewb, Dino Cube, Ivy Cube, Redi Cube, the list goes on and on. 



The cubing world has grown exponentially in the past few decades, and so has the variety in puzzles. Cubing is no longer limited to just the standard cube, and it has something to offer for everyone. There are a lot of different puzzles available on the Cubelelo website as well. Do try out these puzzles and let us know which one you’ve enjoyed/ are looking forward to trying out the most in the comments!

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