Where Do I Learn Cubing?

Have you ever been amazed by the Rubik's Cube? If you've ever wondered how in the world it is even possible to solve a puzzle that looks this complex. In this blog post, we'll explore the various ways available for learning cubing as a beginner and dive into the exciting world of speedcubing as well! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cuber looking to enhance your skills, let’s get started, shall we?

Where to Start

Learning to solve a Rubik's Cube may seem daunting at first, but with the right resources and guidance, it becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience. One of the best platforms to learn to cube online is xSkills, which has structured courses for all levels of cubers. You might be a beginner, an intermediate solver, or an advanced cuber who wants to learn the best speedsolving techniques, we have everything you need regardless of what stage of cubing you’re on!

Why xSkills?

Let’s break it down. It’s hard searching for a perfect tutorial to learn cubing on YouTube. Most people on YouTube might get you started on the wrong foot. It is so easy to get lost in the huge sea of information that YouTube has, which isn’t structured by any means. To get the most structured and personalized tutorial, xSkills is the best tool! We have taken the best coaches and the best speedcubers from India and created a structured course that is tailored to your specific cubing needs and goals!

Another plus point of xSkills is that instead of wasting a lot of time searching for the perfect tutorial on YouTube, you have everything you need to learn about cubes under one roof!

Prerequisites for buying a course

  1. For a beginner-level course, there are no prerequisites at all. You don’t need a high IQ! You can learn cubing no matter what your age is, as long as you’re old enough to turn the cube! Of course, going for a 4x4 beginner course would require you to learn the 3x3 first but there are no limits or prerequisites for our 3x3 beginner course!
  2. For an intermediate-level course, you need a basic knowledge of the structure and notations for the specific cube the course is built upon.
  3. For an advanced level course, you need a strong understanding of the solving methods employed, and a willingness to work hard and practice regularly to improve your skills.  

What exactly happens at xSkills?

Our objective at xSkills is to introduce students to the Rubik's cube, teach them the basics of solving it, and provide them with a foundation of knowledge and skills that they can build upon as they progress. After buying a course at xSkills, you will be given access to a bunch of structured videos, which are easy to navigate and understand. It is also very easy to track progress using our progress-tracking tools so that you never feel lost or like you don’t know how to improve any further. Our courses offer downloadable cheat sheets containing all the important tips and tricks, along with the algorithms used in the video. 

xSkills Monthly Session by Coach Kunal Oak

A monthly session with the coach is also included so that all the doubts or questions are clarified and answered. After the completion of the course, you are awarded a certificate of completion as well!


Learning to cube is an exciting journey that opens up a world of intellectual stimulation, creativity, and friendly competition. In the world of the Internet, it is key to leverage platforms like xSkills to access tutorials, tips, and tricks tailored to your skill level. So, grab a Rubik's Cube, and let’s learn. Happy cubing!

About Author

Sarthak Masta

Sarthak Masta is a speedcuber from Raipur. He started cubing in 2013 and now has 9 years of cubing experience. Apart from cubing, Sarthak enjoys making music and singing. He has attended a total of 7 competitions in Raipur and has gotten 10 podiums, with 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

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