Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic)

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Color: Stickerless
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Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 (Magnetic)

Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 Magnetic Stickerless is one of Cubelelo's most affordable magnetic cube offerings. This budget magnetic 3x3 is crispier and more stable thanks to the introduction of unique magnetic elements. With a compact size, split-piece design this cube is the perfect choice for fast and controllable cube lovers.

A tactile and very stable feel with clean, clicky feedback regardless of piece orientation is achieved due to this magnetization effect. The magnetic attraction between the pieces results in increased efficiency while minimizing overshooting and undesirable lockups.

This perfect cube for one-handed solves has been made super stable with our elite services. High-quality super glue is used and allowed to cure for the optimum time to ensure perfect adhesion between the magnets and the material of the puzzle.

Performance is further enhanced by a combination of Special Elite lube on the core Cubelelo Premium lube on the pieces thereby optimizing speed and stability to deliver improved speedcubing performance.


Brand : Cubelelo
Material : ABS Plastic
Dimensions (in mm) : 55x55x55
Product Weight : 72 grams
Package Weight : 105 grams
Package Contents : 1 Unit Cube, 1 Accessory box (1 Pouch)


  • What is the difference between adding lube services and cube lubricant?

    If you take the lube service, our team will lube the cube, and tension, and set it up for increased speed and performance.
    If you add cube lubricant, you will receive a separate lubricant along with the cube.

  • Do I have to assemble it or it is already assembled?

    You will receive a fully assembled cube.

  • Does it come with any accessories?

    Yes, the package contains a cube and accessories.

  • What are the lubes used in this cube?

    In lube services, we set up your cube with the proven lubes and professional cube setting used by the Pro Cubers with a perfect mix of In-house and world-class Premium lubricants.

  • Can I get a cube stand?

    Yes, you may as we do send freebies with all orders and sometimes stands too.

  • Does it comes with screw driver ?

    No, the package contains only a cube.

  • Can We Lube It? And is it smooth?

    Yes, you can use heavy lube like Calm/Nucleus for the core and Hurricane/Velocity for lubricating pieces, and yes is smooth cube.

  • Can we get a discount on it?

    You can use the discount code "LOVECUBE05" to get a 5 percent discount on your purchase.

  • How good are the magnets in this?

    It has moderate strength magnets.

  • Which is the best magnetic cube under 500?

    You can go for Cubelelo Drift 3M 3x3 Magnetic Stickerless cube it is one of Cubelelo's most affordable magnetic cube offerings.

  • How fast can I go on this cube?

    You can be as fast as you can. It completely depends on your practice.

  • Is this smart cube?

    No, it is not a smart cube.

  • Where are the magnets present in the cube?

    The magnets are present inside the edge and corner pieces.

  • Do we need to set this for 40 degree corner-cutting?

    The cube will give you a 40-45 degrees corner cutting out of the box without any setup, but you can loosen the tension if you fail to do the same.

  • Is it a good Speed-Cube?

    Yes it is a very good budget speedcube.

  • What things are included in this?

    It contains 1 Unit Cube, 1 Accessory box (1 Stand and 1 Pouch).

  • How long it can maintain its speed without using lubricants? How long will the lube last?

    The lasting of the lube is completely dependent on the usage. The more you solve, the more quickly the lubes get used up. But since it has silicone lubricant so it will last for a considerably longer period of time.

  • What about reverse corner cutting?

    It will give you around 30 degrees reverse corner cut (approx).

  • It is durable enough for minimum 2 years lifeline?

    The cubes do not really have a shelf life. It can last for any number of years depending upon its usage.

  • What is the size of magnets?

    It has N35 4x1.5mm magnets.

  • Does the magnets work properly?

    Yes, the magnets are moderate strength and balanced.

  • Will I get it lubed ?

    Yes, the cube will be pre lubed.

  • Should I add extra magnet for this cube?

    No extra magnets are required to be added to the cube as it has a moderate-strong magnetic feel.

  • Is it magnetic?

    Yes it is a magnetic cube.

  • Is it pre-lubed?

    Yes, it is pre-lubed.

  • How fast is it?

    This cube is a considerably fast speedcube. You can further increase the speed by adding suitable lubricant and tension settings.

  • Does it come with a cube stand and pouch?

    Yes, it comes with a cube stand and a cube pouch.

  • Do you give accessories with the cube?

    The box contents have a cube pouch and a cube stand along with the cube.

  • Does it comes with a cube pouch?

    Yes, it does come with a cube pouch.

  • What about corner cutting?

    It can give you a decent 40-45 degrees corner cut.

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