WCA ID: 2014DHAN01

Chetan Roger Dhanjal is a speedcuber from India who specializes in Skewb. He is the current National record holder for skewb average with an average of 2.78 seconds, the first and only Indian to break the sub-3 barrier in Skewb. 

The key to his success is his consistency, with him consistently performing well in Skewb in WCA competitions, coming first for almost 16 competitions in a row across 2 years. Over his 5 year competition experience, he has learned to minimize nerves and perform close to the times he gets at home.

Apart from Skewb, he also enjoys solving 4x4 and 5x5 averaging 34 seconds and 1 minute 07 seconds respectively in those events. In his first ever time competing for clock, he got a single of 7.45 seconds which was NR4 at that time. He also has an average of 10.98 seconds officially. 

Other than cubing, Chetan also spends his time gaming, playing football and chess and working on projects. He hopes to tie in all his experiences inside and outside cubing and ensure you get the best experience learning whatever it is that you want to learn. 


  • Skewb
  • Clock
  • Lefty Yau solving
  • Color Neutrality
  • Sub X barriers on Skewb

     His main cubes:

    • Skewb: GAN Skewb
    • 4x4: Aosu GTS2M
    • 5x5: Valk 5


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