WCA ID - 2015SOAR01

Nikhil Soares is one of the top speed cubers in India that practices all 17 WCA events. He has been speed cubing since 2015. He has broken a total of 22 National Records in Megaminx and has been the National Record Holder and National Champion consecutively since 2016. He became the Megaminx Asian Champion in 2018 too. Nikhil is also ranked 1st in India for Sum of All ranks (overall) for averages and has secured a total of 190 podiums in WCA competitions.

Nikhil is known for his unique use of table solving techniques to solve the Megaminx. He has competed in 59 WCA competitions in the past 6 years. This experience allows him to keep calm and perform well in competitions, sometimes even solving faster than at home. He believes in a more fluid approach to solving in order to maximize lookahead as opposed to spamming TPS (turns per second). He tries to optimize f2l and block building rather than learning hundreds of algorithms. Nikhil often switches up the events he practices from the side events to big cubes to short events. This allows him to maintain and improve his timings in all events at the same time.

Apart from cubing Nikhil is also an aspiring drummer and musician which slightly improves his hand eye coordination.


  • Megaminx Expert
  • Megaminx Table solving
  • Creative 3x3 F2L solutions
  • Lookahead
  • Slow turning solves
  • Safe-solving
  • Controlling nerves
  • Performing well in nerve-racking scenarios

     His main cubes:

    • 2x2 - Qiyi Valk 2M
    • 3x3 and OH - Gan 11M Pro
    • 4x4 and 5x5 - Moyu WRM
    • 6x6 and 7x7 - YJ MGC
    • Megaminx - YJ Yuhu V2M
    • Pyraminx - X-man Bell V1
    • Skewb - Gan Skewb M
    • Square 1 - YJ MGC
    • Clock - Qiyi Clock


    • Should use the same method I am using for that particular cube. 
    • Submit a good quality recording for solve analysis. 
    • Try to record the solves from your Point of View, if not then make sure most surfaces of the cube are visible.
    • Should apply the feedback given in order to improve quickly


    What you will learn

    • Efficiency in solutions
    • Methods to improve look ahead
    • Algorithm sets if required
    • Obtaining consistent averages
    • Finding the sweet spot for turning speed
    • Planning the average
    • Practice guide/routine in brief
    • How to improve further
    • Competition simulated solves
    • Maintaining concentration mid solve


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